signaling Pathways qPCR arrays
Signaling Pathways

Select your SignArrays to analyze your favorite signaling pathways in less than 3 hours !

qPCR Master Mixes
qPCR Master Mixes

Improve your results with our very efficient and sensitive Perfect Master Mix SYBR Green® or PROBE !

Validated Primer Sets qPCR arrays
Validated Primer Sets

Find your very specific Validated Primer sets in our strong database at very competitive prices.

Gene expression from few cells qPCR arrays
Gene expression from few cells

Rare or precious samples to analyze ? Use our new SpeAmpn reagents to analyze until 4 signaling pathways with only 5-50ng starting amount of RNA.

Microbiota qPCR arrays
Microbiota Assays

Evaluate the microbiota profile of your biological samples in less than 3 hours with our new range of customizable products.