AnyGenes® provides full services for high-throughput analysis of gene expression based on our own signaling pathways qPCR arrays (SignArrays®). Our scientists team will be pleased to help you design your projects to get the best results.

Our products are best used with:

  1. Biomarkers identification and validation.
  2. DNA microarray validation.
  3. Drug development (molecular mechanism of action, toxicity, metabolism...).
  4. Another application in mind ? Please contact us.

We can analyze various biological samples: tissues, cell lines, RNA and we will process your samples from the beginning, to final quality control and data analysis, in a very short time..

Advantages of AnyGenes services:
  1. Save money : we guarantee the lowest prices in the market.
  2. Save time : our technical experts perform the whole experiment for you.
  3. No need to invest in instruments or reagents !
  4. Robust and reliable results : our signaling pathways are based on spanning-intron primer design and experimentally validated.